Nature moves me! I am inspired by her and cook only from local products. I appreciate and find an approach to each unique component. My philosophy is based on combination of conscious consumption, waste-free production, emphasis on seasonality and local products. Fermentation of ingredients takes a special place in my philosophy. I believe, that fermentation helps create completely unique tastes, sensations and new level of product.

Chef and Owner.


We are only at the beginning of the road, but we have already chosen our unique path that is paved by the search of taste. We are driven by desire to create something new, that is why we go our own way, not trying to interpret or recreate familiar dishes.

We go local, use seasonal products implementing all of our experience gained from other cultures. We do not divide products by their importance and believe them all to have their own special value. Working with the best farmers, respecting their labor and efforts invested in growing and producing high-quality products, we set the main task in front of ourselves – to unleash their potential as vividly as possible.

First of all, this is represented in responsible non-waste use, where, at the first glance, the most unusual by-products find their spot in a dish. This way, by the help of fermentation, we turn old bread into mirin or amino paste and asparagus peel becomes a substitute for lemon juice.

Our responsibility does not end with waste-free cooking. Each day we ask ourselves the question: "What else can we do to optimize all processes, reducing harm to the environment?" Avoiding plastic packaging is equally important. Doing what you love without harming the planet is among our main motivations. It makes us think in a broader manner, carefully and consciously selecting every detail in our restaurant, treating the resources that we have with care: may it be a person, product, water or electricity.


Fermentation holds a special place in the ecosystem of our restaurant. It gives us a chance to implement the most outstanding experiments and create flavours that distinguish us from others. Inspired by many cultures, we apply centuries-old fermentation technologies. That is how we have come to umeboshi from local plums and apricots, lacto-fermented Japanese quince, Katsuobushi from silver carp, kombucha jam, mullet caviar bottarga, various garums, shoyu and miso pastes. We use only locally sourced organically grown and farmers’ produce. Being aware of our responsibility we recycle all unsold bakehouse bread in amazake and miso pasta.

Nowadays, we work with over 50 types of our own fermented products, which include miso pastes, vinegars, garums, bottarga, lacto-fermented fruits and vegetables, kombucha, lardo, etc.


Our responsibility for nature begins with the choice of products. We use 70% of organically grown products or those that do not harm the environment according to our internal standards.

We buy cattle and poultry from small local farmers who do not restrict cattle’s movement and give them freedom to graze. We only buy meat of dairy cattle that is at least 5 years old and receive it in whole carcasses, avoiding any waste. We buy fish and seafood from tried and tested fishermen who do not use nets or from farms that adhere to international standards and give preference to tested and approved feed.

In our working process, we have reconsidered the use of long-degradable consumables, such as stretch film, parchment paper, foil and garbage bags. We work with farmers who use reusable packaging, recycle plastic packaging from dairy products, use the remains of candles to light fire and hand over used oil for processing into fuel.


Nature is multifaceted and seasonality is not divided into four periods according to the calendar. Each plant has its own life cycle, including animals. It gives us inspiration and encourages us to use them responsibly and keep up. After finding and visiting different farms, tasting the best vegetables and fruits, interacting with farmers, we have come to the conclusion that we want to show our products without changing their shape, by accepting their differences but always emphasizing the taste. What could be better than green peas plucked from the garden in the morning and served to you on a plate in the evening. It will bring you right back to the moment when you plucked and ate it right there, in the garden. The seasonality of many products is very fleeting, so our goal is to show the best in each and every one of them.